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Fall 2017 PT Interior Decorating Courses
Full time Interior Decorating Program 2017
Computerized Space Planning
Course Content - Part Time Interior Decorating Program
Info Sessions P/T Interior Decoratoring Program
Computerized Space Planning

Decorators present graphic designs in a professional manner.

Instruction includes:

  • Operating the tool bar
  • Creating elevations and space plans, perspective drawings
  • Importing and applying pictures from the web or your files onto your space plan
  • Designing rooms from a blank canvass to redesigning imported photographs of rooms
  • Changing the color, textures, patterns and size of products to scale
  • Create client files and converting the collected data into a client presentation

Prerequisites: Space Planning, Decorating Styles 1 & 2

Included in the fee:

  • Program with license
  • Forum to ask questions and receive answers
  • Quick reference guide
  • Updates of the program
  • This program is compatible with PC & MAC

Students will require

  • their own laptop PC 100gig, Vista & XP 2 gig of ram

Based on attendance and completion of assignments, a CERTIFICATE from Choices will be issued to qualifying students.

Location: 8449 Main St., Vancouver
Price: See application form for current pricing.
Dates: Program is run frequently: Next sessions starting: Feb. 20, 2010

For an application go to : www.choicesdecorgroup.ca/training/events.html
Sorry this site is down at the moment. We will bring a new link as soon as it is available.